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Hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls inside the college campus. For outside the campus college bus is available. Apart from all well furnished rooms with attached toilet and other amenities color TV, Computer & Wi-Fi internet facilities, Newspaper & Magazines. Both non-vegetarian & vegetarian food is available on the basis of requirement of the students. Good hygienic condition is strictly maintained both in the food and living conditions. Hostel superintendents supervise the functioning of the Hostels regularly. The hostel fees are as per the guidelines of the state Govt. of Odisha.

Rules and Regulation for the Hostel:

Residence: All students except those admitted on non-residential basis will remain in Hostel for the full duration of all semesters unless they are withdrawn from the Hostel.

No illegal drugs or firearms shall be stored and/or consumed in Premises and on campus in general. Liquor is also prohibited in the Hostel Premises.

Students are not allowed to cook meals in their rooms.

Visitors to Premises: Students are not allowed to entertain a member of the opposite sex in a hostel room, whether the visitor is from outside college or a member of the College.

No visitors of any description are allowed to spend a night in student hostels except college official visitors and students from constituent colleges for whom prior permission from the Warden has been granted.

Residence during vacation: Students are not allowed to stay in residence during vacations except those required, as part of the academic program, to carry or take part in specific tasks approved first by the relevant Head of Department and the Principal.

Those students allowed to remain in residence are required to pay for board and lodging and to observe the same rules as during semester time.

Food & Cafeteria Services: Food, crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc., belonging to College should not be taken out of the dining hall except where prior permission has been obtained.

No student other than members of the catering committee should enter the kitchen.

No student is allowed to bring any kind of liquor into the dining hall or smoke in the dining hall.

Catering staff will be responsible for taking food to sick students who are bed ridden.

Meals for Visitors: The caterer will not provide meals to student's visitor, unless prior booking for a meal has been made. Booking should be made in writing to the Caterer at least six hours before the mealtime.

Any student who books a meal will be charged for it even if the visitor fails to turn up for the meal.

For all the Inmates study time morning & evening will be strictly maintained.

Electric kettles, heaters, irons or any other appliances should not be used in the rooms.

Hostellers are not allowed to keep large amount of cash or valuables in their possession (rings/costly watches/jewellery, mobile phones etc.) Any violators will be doing at their own risk.

If a student does not report back to the hostel within 3 days, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.

Hostelers will not be permitted to keep eatables in their rooms.

Hostelers will be issued notices and circulars, informing them about new rules and regulations, which must be adhered to them.