Total Seat Strength:330:Civil Engineering:90,Electrical Engineering:90,Mechnical Engineering:120,ETC Engineering:30 For More Details Contact:+91-0680-2222820,9437062282,8093515454,8093565424

Mission & Vision

1. To provide quality technical education of international standard and imbibe acumen for solving real life problems.
2. To inculcate global perspective in attitude with due regards to ethics, morality and healthy practices in professional life in line with the Indian Milieu.
3. To create leadership trait with a futuristic outlook.
4. To foster entrepreneurship spirit, instil habit of continual learning.
5. To cultivate adaptation of ethics, morality and healthy practices in professional life.
Give fillip to creative abilities and encourage research temperament.
6. To bring about total personality development and create conscientious and responsible world citizens.
7. To encourage and support creative abilities and research temperament.
8. To establish and promote close interaction with industry and other utility sectors and keep abreast with state-of-the- art technology.


To create an advanced centre of professional learning of international standing where pursuit of knowledge and excellence shall reign supreme, unfettered by the barriers of nationality, language, cultural plurality and religion.